Is Time On Your Side?

Quality Time Management

July 16, 2012
How do you prioritize your time? In public relations time shifts on a daily basis. Today's deadlines are not tomorrow's. So I've got to pay attention to what's been done and when while still being available for the unplanned media opportunities.
On a daily basis that means I have to pay special attention to when I should be performing routine tasks like social media platform surfs, supervising staff, and developing/pursuing new media landscape portals.
There are times when having to make choices are stressful. Time management is a real challenge in today's multi-tasking world. But how to do it without the stress?
I recently discovered an article about how two successful (and busy) women “time-chunk” their business life and personal life. Their advice is excellent:
“Time… it either runs through your fingers like water, or drags along like molasses, depending on your day. How you structure your time plays a significant role in your stress levels and productivity... As a result, we’ve each developed our own methods and strategies of time management that work for us, with the end result being a highly productive business, lowered stress levels, AND quality time for our loved ones and ourselves.”
For me, time management also means quality for client projects, too.

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