August 13, 2013

Promote Your Event 

Events like showcases, presentations, exhibits and fairs are a great way to showcase you and your organization's products and services. It's always a popular choice for organizations seeking to raise funds. You will reach your goals if people are interested in attending and in today's busy world they need to know enough to be willing to put your event on their schedule.And for that to happen, you'll need a pr campaign that involves media -traditional and online because media is designed to broadcast your news to their audience (which, hopefully, reaches your audience).

Ideally, the campaign should start as early as possible and include news-worthy angles that are relevant to the media you are pitching. For example, we are working on the community-based renaissance faire campaign. The event takes place mid-September and we started rolling out that campaign in April. That way, we met longer lead publication deadlines (think quarterly travel magazines and the like). We developed categories of news interest that included living history, unusual vendors and/or entertainers at the event, cultural elements of Renaissance history that have relevance today. We connected the dots between today's 'buy local' sustainable commerce movement and the harvest faires of yore. We also focused on the day trip quality of the event for weekend travelers looking for something different and colorful.
Because there was a timely strategy in place, we were able to secure some significant media sponsorships that extended the project's advertising budget.

And it has taken months of careful effort and follow-up to lay the groundwork so that our efforts on behalf of Much Ado About Sebastopol would be well-received by the media and their readers, viewers, and listeners.

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