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What's the Shape of Your Media Attention Curve?

We posted this blog a while ago and have decided to repost it again because the information it offers is timeless.

In the sharply focused social media is it really important to know your media attention curve? Who are your fans – those loyal followers who keep coming back to you for information? It's good to know who they are and it's equally as important to know who the buzz hunters are. These are the ones on the lookout for the next news items. They will be the ones to expand FOR YOU the circle of you and your client's influence.

Entrepreneur and author Seth Godin has a lot to say on the subject. He writes, "What's extraordinary about the media attention curve is that each group brings its own truth, its own lens to see what's going on. The fan sees the world one way, the buzz hunter very differently."

We all know that when it comes to public relations, perception is everything. How to position your information so that can be well-received by fans and buzz hunters alike is critical. It requires an ability to communicate with all of the players. Relating to them in a meaningful way is what public relations is all about.

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