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What’s On Your Website?

The world of freelancers has grown exponentially in recent years. Independent contractors and solopreneurs are rapidly filling in the blanks and the gaps created by the changing business model. Employees are striking out on their own, creating business ventures that suit both their talents and their temperaments.
In California alone, according to, there are more than  235,000 freelancers who provide an array of services from website development to book illustration to database management.
To get attention from prospective clients will take some thought and elbow grease. Clearly knowing what services your audience seeks is not enough. You also need to provide references and an overview of your mission because that is what will help you secure the deal.
Small business strategist Sagan Morrow has put together an easy-to-understand list of dos and don’ts for freelance websites. Here are a few of the 10 suggestions:
Let your potential clients know why they should use your services. Details matter here, so articulate what it is you can bring to the arrangement that will help others succeed. Do not hesitate to reference your experience and education. Include elements of your personality that matter, i.e., hardworking, quick thinker, unconventional ideas, etc.
Be clear about what you don’t do. Otherwise, you may be spending valuable time explaining that you don’t offer such services. For example, you may not work with business to business or book promotion. Let that information be readily and simply available on your website in this way: While we do not provide author services, we do have a list of professional experts, such as editors and illustrators, who may be able to assist you.
Your website can let others know right away why you would be an excellent choice when the content outline what prospective clients can expect when working with you.
For the complete list of suggestions, click here

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October Good News

It’s time for October Good News.

We live in challenging times. Politically, socially and environmentally, we are being given opportunities to decide where we stand on a variety of issues. In many cases, our choices can lead to actions that can shape the future.

Here are some examples of what others all over the world have put time, treasure, and talent into. In each of these cases are people willing to roll up their shirt sleeves and get busy.

We salute them all:

Canadian Jeweler Bridges the Gap

 Tribe of Lambs hand-crafted jewelry products designed and produced with local artisans from India returns every dime earned back to a compassion project that directly impacts the lives of HIV positive Indian children.

Dutch Waste Not Want Not

Instock, an innovative Dutch restaurant has a very specific goal. To bring attention to food waste and to offer an alternative approach to the classic “throwing out” of perfectly edible food. Using unsold food items that meet food safety guidelines, their mobile operation has been very well received.

Hijab Beauty

New York’s Le'Jemalik is all about beauty. Its goal is to provide a salon for Muslim women who wear hijabs to get haircuts, henna tattoos, and more while maintaining privacy. Islamic law states that these women are not allowed to show their hair to any man outside of family members.

Showers on Wheels

California’s Lava Mae brings mobile water and sanitation buses to homeless people so they can bathe and clean themselves.  Cleanliness supports dignity and dignity supports hope and opportunity.

Pop-up Shopping

The Street Store project can and does happen anywhere in the world. With origins in Cape Town it is an ‘on the spot, in the moment’ store where the homeless shop for free. The clothing is donated by local residents for their local homeless community and provides all parties to get to know one another. 

Just think, this is only the first week of the month and we've already learned about these October Good News opportunities. Imagine what the rest of the month might be like!

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Unethical Public Relations

Unethical Lessons

Jason Simms, a Huffington Post contributor recently wrote an article about what learned while working for an unethical public relations firm. He said “PR is inherently an unpredictable business” and he’s right.

What he learned from that experience are lessons we could all benefit from. But first, let’s put this into perspective. As he noted, mentors come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes we learn strategies and techniques from the best people and sometimes we gain valuable experience from the worst.

Of the five primary lessons Simms addresses in What I learned from working with an unethical pr firm, we think this one is the most significant:

Be clear

Do not lead clients on. Tell them what they can reasonable expect from your services. 

We have never made promises we could not keep. Our clients are never told we could get them specific coverage from a particular news outlet because we know that media attention fluctuates on a day to day, actually hour to hour basis. Breaking news ALWAYS takes precedence.

We explain that to clients and also identify for them the media outlets we will be making contact with. We also make it very clear that our primary goal is to develop and maintain a good working relationship with the media. We do this because sometimes we cannot get immediate coverage but we want to be able to come back at a later date with updated news they might be interested in. 

In some cases, we’ve experienced a call back at a later date from those media personnel who know have time to pursue our pitch. Or have passed our information onto to another person who might be interested.

Our clients know that we are prepared to deal with whatever media hand we are dealt. That often requires us to have several strategies in place. And, we work with clients to develop and promote news angles that are both effective and reflective of the client’s goals.

We all learn some lessons the hard way. We hope yours are few and far between!

To read Simm’s complete article, click here.

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