Experience Counts

Experience makes the point

We are always on the lookout for unusual and successful campaigns. We don’t want to replicate the strategies of others but we do seek to be inspired.

Below is one experiential ideas that appeared in an article by Amanda Zantal-Wiener on Hubspot. But before we launch in, we’d like to tell you a bit about this experiential trend. It’s basic even though at first glance it appears to be complicated.

Experiential marketing, is also known as engagement marketing and event or ‘live’ marketing.  The idea is to design a strategy that engages those you want to reach and invite them to participate in the evolution of a brand.

We think Zander-Wiener’s example will help to clarify:

Lean Cuisine: #WeighThis

As part of their campaign, Lean Cuisine curated a gallery of "scales" in New York's Grand Central Station, and invited women to "weigh in." But here's the catch: The scales were actually small boards where women could write down how they really wanted to be weighed. And rather than focusing on their weight in pounds -- or anything pertaining to body image -- the women opted to be measured by things like being back in college at 55, caring for 200 homeless children each day, or being the sole provider to four sons.

None of the participants were approached to try, purchase or support any Lean Cuisine product. The display of scales themselves which did carry Lean Cuisine branding images and hashtags, was enough to make people stop, observe, and then voluntarily interact. Along the way, they got the Lean Cuisine message that what you do in the course of your everyday life – not what you weight – that matters.

She added that the ability to know the message you really want to send and build an experience around that.  Base it upon the audience you address because they are the ones to carry your message forward.

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Tourism PR Turns Literary

Loveable Social Media

Is Social Media Loveable? 

The ol’ saying, love what you do is exactly why social media experts do social media. They love it! And, according to them, there are plenty of reasons to love the cyberspace world. PR Daily posted eight reasons for that a while ago and we think they are still relevant today.

Here are four of them:
1. Social media does not exist in a vacuum. Integrated media is the key here. It would be naïve to think that the efforts of a social media campaign or traditional media campaign operate successfully without each other in this era.
2. Social media” may not be new, but thanks to growing public access to the Internet it is changing the way people interact and it is changing marketing. The quality of a brand’s social media presence can make or break its success.
3. Social media is a really important problem-solving, action-starting tool to have in your belt. It can change the way your consumers feel about your product or service and is one of the best ways available to connect with potential consumers and alter their opinions about your brand. It can also play a vital role in crisis communications if executed properly.
4. Social media is not for everybody. However, in the right hands it is powerful. You would be doing yourself a disservice not to carefully consider using social media as a marketing tool.

One thing is for sure about social media: it continues to be alive and ever-changing. Never a dull moment, really. Admittedly, it requires the ability to adapt quickly to the rise (and sometimes fall) of social media platforms. But, after all, most people believe that is what’s most thrilling about it. Would you agree?

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Refresh Your Skills

7 for You 

We think it’s always a good idea to refresh our skills. It’s what helps us to keep our public relations efforts relevant.

Here are seven seminars and conferences that might offer the updates you are looking for:

Platinum PR and Agency Elite Awards Luncheon: New York City, New York. Join PR News on October 19 in NYC for the Platinum PR Awards Luncheon, celebrating the most outstanding communications initiatives and organizations in the highly competitive and dynamic PR arena. More info: http://www.platinumprawards.com/

 Social Media Conference: New York City, New York. This social media conference immerses you and your team in real-world, tactical case studies from brands, nonprofits and agencies and get takeaways in making your brand part of the Snapchat movement, and much more. More info: http://www.socialmediaconf.com/

An Event Apart: San Francisco, California. Three days of intense focus on digital design, UX, and more. October 31-November 2. More info: https://aneventapart.com/event/san-francisco-2016

EventTech: Las Vegas, Nevada. The latest technologies, the newest trends, the top best practices, and the biggest case studies. 1,000+ marketers and innovative marketing agencies using social media and technology to optimize live experiences. November 14-16. More info: http://eventtech.eventmarketer.com/

Google for Communicators Boot Camp and PR Measurement Workshop: New York City, New York. Get tips and case studies in how to use Google’s technology to meet communications goals. Learn how to make Google’s vast and growing suite of tools and applications work for you. More info: http://www.prnewsonline.com/google-boot-camp-2016/

Gilbane Conference: Boston, Massachusetts.The Gilbane Digital Content Conference brings together content strategists and managers, marketers, technologists, IT and business executives, as well as external service providers to learn and share how to put the pieces of the puzzle together. November 29-30. More info: http://gilbaneconference.com/2016/default.aspx

WordCamp US 2016: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Community-organized, this wordcamp is for blogging newbies as well as professional developers. Most importantly, it is a good opportunity for WordPress users to get to know one another. December 2-4. More info: https://2016.us.wordcamp.org/

Our client J. Dietrich Stroeh has authored several books on the topic of family caregiving.  Here are the details about his newly released e-book.

J. Dietrich Stroeh’s life came apart after learning that his wife had pancreatic cancer. The Stage Four diagnosis took him on the roller coaster ride of his life. Overnight, this successful businessman became a caregiver powerless over the course of his wife’s illness. During the three months they had together following her diagnosis, he had to face internal weaknesses and external obstacles in order to take care of her and, when the time came, lovingly let her go.

He shares 6 resources he recently discovered in his third ebook, Caregiver Resources: 6 Legal & Financial Resources.  Topics in this free 8 page manual include new guardianship laws, potential tax relief, and how to avoid internet scams. Each of these previously published articles are designed to give family caregivers much-need information.

Stroeh is also author of Three Months: A Caregiving Journey from Heartbreak to Healing. Now available in paper and as a Kindle ebook, these books explore his personal journey as a man who decided to be his wife’s primary caregiver. They also provide easy to read care-giving tips and useful resources that Stroeh picked up along the way. Advocating for a loved one, caring for one’s self, being part of the medical team, and handling grief are only a few of the topics that are addressed simply in this first-person story.

An engineer by trade, J. Dietrich “Diet” Stroeh has headed up projects great and small, and managed the Marin Municipal Water District in the midst of one of the worst droughts on record. That experience was the basis for his first book, The Man Who Made it Rain, co-written with Michael McCarthy.

His other free ebooks include: Being A Caregiver Isn't Magic: It's An Art  and 13 Tips for Caregivers. All ebooks are available for free download. 

Tourism PR Takes Literary slant

This strategy includes books.  

We like it.

Every now and then we learn about a public relations campaign that really raises the bar. These strategies are both unexpected and interactive. What they do, they do well: they show don’t tell.

This Visit Seattle tiny library project is the perfect example.

In a drive to promote tourism, Visit Seattle has put up free mini-libraries in major cities across the country, including Boston, Austin and Chicago. The books, of course, are Seattle-themed.

According to Chrsitine Birkner of Adweek, the Pacific Northwest’s Seattle is reaching out across the country to celebrate it city's literary history. This effort is modeled upon the “Little Free Library” national "take a book, return a book" free book exchange program. These tiny libraries, some of which are not much bigger than a bird house, are placed in select locations.

The original idea behind these tiny libraries was to provide free book exchanges where people could take away or place a book on the bookshelf for others to read. Today, some 40,000 Little Free Library book exchanges strong around the world, there are estimates that more than one million books are being shared annually. And, along the way it builds community.

In public relations, we know that timing can be everything. Visit Seattle has not wasted a second getting the word out. Their promotional launch coincides with September as National Literacy Month. Many of the books focus upon travel guides and fiction books that are either set in the area and/or written by Seattle authors.

We think it’s a pretty clever, fun idea that we expect will take hold. Readers and book lovers alike are asked to post photos of themselves with the books and to use the hashtag “SeattleStory.

As an added bonus, the book shelves will be re-stocked and there will never be overdue fines!

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