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After Coverage,  Then What?

Getting media coverage is a goal – especially coverage that reflects your best and brightest services, products, and expertise. It’s not the only goal, however. Every solid public relations campaign should include a strategy for maximizing the visibility so that after the radio show is over and the newspaper has been replaced by the next day’s or week’s edition, your news is still available to your audience. And, for those of you invested in social media, that means making your success go viral.’s guest writer Scott Oldford offers some thoughts and tips on the subject that are worth reading. He begins his column with this nugget of wisdom: don’t let the media coverage be the finish line for your message.

Here is one way he recommends you can keep the exposure going:

Step 1: Share with your "warm" audience.
PR is one of the best ways to capture your audience's attention and begin the process of becoming the "go-to" authority figure in their life.
However, you cannot leave this to chance. You need to take control of the situation and ensure you create viral content on the back of your PR. The first step is to share this article with your existing audience, but not your entire audience -- rather your "hot" leads who know you the best.
Going Viral
This helps you build momentum with the help of those who already like and share what you have to offer. They want you to succeed and know that they can be a part of that larger end game.
He goes on to suggest – and we think he’s right – you bring your media coverage to those who are not in your primary sphere. Include your news link in emails and e-newsletters. Consider adding it to your email signature.

Other tips include the important of timing and personalizing the coverage so that others can relate to what it means to you.
To read his complete article, click here.

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