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Premiere promotional efforts, like advertisements, may cost more than you, as a self-published author can afford. So, what do you do? Turn to the internet.  The virtual world has made it possible for you to publicize news about your book(s) to the communities who would be most interested.

To help you get started, here are three websites you can check-out. Each of them offers you a FREE opportunity for you, your book and your all-important book website or blog to get the exposure you want and deserve:

1)    Book Blogs: Here people can read books, write reviews and blog about book-related topics 
2)    Reader Views: Provides a free review of your book and then posts that review in the social media sphere. An upgrade to exposure is available for nominal fee.    
3)   Step-By-Step Self-Publishing: One of the best sites for independent authors. The “reviewer list” provides list of websites that do FREE book reviews. 

Admittedly, in today's self-publishing world, there's a lot of competition. So it's important to understand how public relations works. Once you know more about how to get your message (and your product) out there, you can refine the process as need. There is no substitute for doing the work and learning from your mistakes.

But remember, the most important thing to do is start… somewhere. At the very least visiting and submitting information about your work to these free sites (and others) will keep you busy until The New York Times comes knocking on your door.

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