Are You Mobile-Ready?

Tips for Driving the Mobile Highway

October 27, 2013

The world is going mobile. So your public relations campaign needs to go along for the ride if it to be successful. Recent statistics report that mobile traffic currently makes up 10 percent of global internet traffic. By next year, some studies suggest, that will increase dramatically.

In order to reach those who could benefit most from your message, you’ve got to incorporate mobile technology thinking into your strategy, especially where your website is concerned. That means your information must be delivered directly and succinctly or else mobile device users looking for specific information will look elsewhere for what they need.

So here are three tips to help you move along the mobile highway:
  • Avoid too many words. Lengthy website welcomes and mission statements can become obstacles for mobile users who just want to know about your event or service.
  • Have as few steps/clicks as possible between your home page and any call to action, such as book sales. One click purchase options work well.
  • Think twice about using Flash or Java. Some mobile devices don’t support that option or take too long to upload them.
No doubt that with mobile there’s a lot of new territory to cover. Do your research.  To get you started, check out Time To Go Mobile.
To really make your campaign rock, add social media to your mobile-ready campaign.

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