Cultivate gratitude at work

There are so many hidden gems of gratitude in the work place. Without these overlooked moments, work wouldn’t be as fulfilling. Take some time during the holiday season to say ‘thank you’. You’ll be surprised what kind of impact gratitude can have. Here are a few of those ideas we recently came across that we think you can add to your gratitude list:

  • Say thank you to those who don’t usually get thanked. There are so many small jobs in the work place that, overall, affect everyone’s bottom line.  For example, the janitors. They work late hours while office staff is relaxing at home. If it weren’t for their hard work your office space might be both unclean and unhealthy.
  • Crisis ‘stars’. When a crisis strikes everyone pitches in to solve the problem.  Remember to thank everyone who took part in the crisis. This will help them focus on what worked, rather than what didn’t.  This makes it easier to realize what’s been gained, rather than lost, from the situation.
  • Saying thank you to the boss and employees. Instead of viewing the boss as the person with all the power, and the employees as the bottom of the ladder, find ways to appreciate all.  It is that recognition of how important everyone is that makes for a happier work environment.

Gratitude can go a long way. It encourages flexibility and creates a positive work environment where everyone is a winner.  If you have any hidden gems at your work place, share them with us. 


  1. [ Smiles ] Speaking of gratitude, I would like to thank you for posting this inspirational article.

    You can definitely reach far in life with an attitude of gratitude!