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2014 Public Relation Trends

 The New Year always brings in bigger and better things for public relations. As the years pass by, our tools and strategies become more advanced. If you are interested in PR there are a few trends you might want to keep in mind. Here are two of them:

The Bar is being raised: The talent level for public relations is growing. At Karen Pierce Gonzalez Public Relations we are using their creativity- which includes out-of-the-box thinking that today's PR calls for. It's important to get tooled and schooled, especially where social media is concerned. 

Know your audience: Media is growing further away from traditional outlets /sources. You really need to know what you are writing and whom you are writing too. Catering to your specific audience is crucial (and media personnel). Take advantage of the new journalism. For example, blogging is a great way to talk to your audience as it allows them to comment with their needs and/or questions.

2014 is year of new media demands and challenges. The key will be stay abreast of your options and not be afraid to make changes as needed. This is what will keep you and your clients on course.

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