Bring in Bloggers

For Your Success

Citizen journalism has helped to change the landscape of today's public relations' world. Individual columnists – bloggers - are capable of reaching the public with their comments and thoughts about a range of topics, including yours.

Blogs and their bloggers are definitely an important part of today's media outreach. So it's important to have a list of bloggers to pitch your news to.

Recently I sent press releases about a harvest fair to several travel blog writers who covered the area. A few were not able to use the material. However, two of them did so, providing quality pre-event coverage. They jumped at the opportunity to share what my client had to offer. Those who were not able to provide coverage wished us well and invited me to send them more event news.

It's important to remember that each blogger has a unique way of sharing comment and that type of personal touch can make all the difference. They write to their audiences about matters most to them. Hopefully, your news is figured into that equation.

According to Kristen Matthews, Group High's Marketing and Community Manager, blogger outreach can make all the difference. In 4 Keys to Blogger Outreach she shares an example of how Wendy's used bloggers to help make meaningful contact with their demographics (in this case, moms and style bloggers) . The success was impressive. and had resounding success.

So, do your research. Look for bloggers who cover areas related to your news and let them be part of your success. Understand what they need and remember that bloggers – just like reporters –require relevant and accurate information. You won't regret it.


  1. Karen, this post is music to my ears. I watched the 'industry' of blogging change greatly over the years. Now blogs are literally answering questions all over the world, and bringing value at the same time. There was a time when one would call customer service or wait in line for an answer. No more.. today they will do a search and locate a blog with all the answers they desire. I love that you are stating exactly how an event, business, non-profits can literally explode all from working with bloggers. Thank you so much.. keep smiling

  2. Blogs have changed. So much has in social media. What hasn't changed, though, is the need for a professional approach. Everyone's time is valuable.