Brand Journalism

Why Use It?

Brand journalism is sitting at the head of the public relations table. This hybrid of indirect marketing and use of today’s journalistic platforms (videos, ezines, articles, pins, etc.) allows you to make contact with the people you want to reach.

Here are a few things to know about it:
·         Brand Journalism like traditional journalism uses creative and enticing descriptions that ‘show’ people what they can do with your product, service or expertise.

·          The content usually covers what’s of interest or what can be used about what readers find interesting and/or informative not only for themselves but also for those they know (in traditional and social media circles).

·         This style of communicating create stories that can include product or service. It may include the story of your product’s conception, notable experiences others have had while using your services, and how your expertise evolved.

·         For many people journalism remains one of the more credible forms of media because (in most cases) the information has been substantiated via reliable quotes and other sources that can be cross-referenced.

Brand Journalism allows you an opportunity to mix creativity with truth. The right combination will show others your integrity and style. In the final analysis this is what they will base their decisions upon.

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