Perfect Press Release Headlines

When you are writing a press release, your object is to get people to read what you have written and act upon the information they have just read. Usually you want people to contact you for more information so that they can do a story about you in their publication. One key component of your press release is your headline. If your headline doesn’t immediately grab people’s attention, the rest of the press release is a waste of space. Here are some tips to help you write the perfect headline for your press release.

Make Sure Your Headline Has Relevant Keywords
Keywords are important from an SEO standpoint. You want to make sure that your headline contains keywords that are relevant to the post. Now, this doesn’t mean that you stuff your headlines with keywords.

Make Sure Your Headline Is An Appropriate Length
The length of your headline is a key factor in determining whether or not anyone will pay attention to your press release. If you make your headline too long, people will ignore your press release, because they just don’t want to sit down and read all of that. Journalists are usually on a tight schedule. They will deduce that if a headline is long and cumbersome, the sentences in the press release.

Make Sure Your Headline Is Not Misleading
You want to make sure that you actually deliver on what you say in your headline. Don’t create a headline that is completely different from the press release you have written. This will hurt your credibility. You will not attract people that are interested in what you have to offer if your headline doesn’t match your press release.

You have put a lot of work into creating an excellent press release. Don’t let this work be in vain. Take the time to create a compelling headline so your press release actually gets read.

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