Blog Talk Radio

A Good Idea?

Gaining visibility in the media can be difficult.  There are so many different methods and tools to choose from and you need to be both careful and precise with the ones that you choose to use. One of the innovative tools to consider is Blog Talk Radio.

What is Blog Talk Radio?

Radio is a media outlet that has been around for many years. It is an audio-based form of communication that has the ability to pull people into the messages it delivers. A recent study found that most people listen to the radio every day. This means that if you are looking to effectively reach others, you can begin by tapping the radio media market. People are listening and you simply need to make your content available.

Blog Talk radio was first launched in 2006 by Alan Levy. Since its beginning, the platform now has more than 2 million radio shows.  Users create cost-effective podcasts filled with unique content that can help them get noticed.

Can You Create Your Own Podcast

Even if you do not have radio experience, it is still possible to use Blog Talk Radio to deliver your news. All you have to do is use a bit of creativity and imagination when you are creating the name for your show and the theme. You want to focus on one specific niche market, but you can still cater to a wider listening audience. Try to be consistent with the theme of your podcast, so that listeners start to associate you with it. You want to gain recognition in the market that matters most to you. 

Define Your Style

The key to having success with Blog Talk Radio as a marketing tool is to take time to define your style. You can mix in interviews and question sessions to create a show that works for your target audience. 
You can also pre-record many shows at once. Of course you will also need to have in place a pr campaign that promotes your shows and guests.

To check out shows already on the air, click here.   To hear how one of our client's used Blog Talk Radio, click here.

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