How is PR like Scrabble?


At first glance the connection between public relations and Scrabble may be not obvious. But the do have some things in common.

Board games are supposed to be a way to relax and have fun; opposite of stress-related deadlines we often associate with public relations. Even so, these two actually do have several things in common, according to Beth Adan of Three Girls Media, Inc.

She writes:

1. Look at problems from all angles.

When playing Scrabble and practicing public relations, it’s important to look at situations from multiple angles. When you’re swamped with a project at work, it can be helpful to re-scramble the tiles, as it were, to get your creative juices flowing and start over with a fresh perspective.

2. Be versatile.

The game of Scrabble comes in travel size, regular size, on Facebook, as an app, and in many other special editions. The creators of Scrabble have made the game easily accessible to anyone who wants to play it. Be as accessible in your organization and make sure you have a strong presence online, in print and in person.

3. Start a following.

Official Scrabble clubs and worldwide competitions show how widespread people's love of the game is. Your organization's public relations can also benefit from forming a strong following of supporters. Start a blog or an online forum to establish yourself or your executives as industry experts.

She also mentions the formation of partnerships as great ways to build relationships and the value of being able to use only a few words to make your pitch.

Maybe what she’s really saying is that it’s okay to ‘play’ a little with our work; be creative and have fun.

We think she’s right! 

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