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Content Marketing Supercharge Tips

Content continues to be king. Information that is useful without being salesy always rates high on our list.

The need for meaningful content has only increased. People are looking for material that is both relevant and value-added.

Glen Stansberry recently reprinted an article about this very topic. In it he offers 8 tips that can help make your content visible.

     Here are three of our favorite: 

  1. Interview a thought leader. Let them tell you (and your readers) what they have learned. Your role is to distribute the information and in doing so you are letting your followers know whose opinions you value.
  2. Write a humorous press release. This is one of our personal favorites! Snappy out of the box press releases can help wake up members of the media who often have to wade through countless news notices looking for something that will be exciting and/or refreshing.
  3.  Create an Award. Let others know who and what you appreciate in a particular category or industry. This will take some effort as you will need to develop a strategy for securing submissions and judging them. Stansberry suggests checking out the Small Business Influencer Awards for some ideas about how it can work.

Remember that there are so many options today for people looking for content. Your information can be on the top of their ‘must read’ lists if you apply these tips and others that Stansberry has suggested.

To read the complete article, click here.

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