Editorial Calendar Current?

Editorial calendar        

This tool is used to define and control the process of creating content, from idea through writing and publication. An individual or small business might have this publishing process: Brainstorm content ideas to publish, where to publish, and when to publish.

Do you use an editorial calendar?

We do. They help us keep track of the blogs and articles we create as well as the ones we oversee on behalf of our clients.

Do you need one?

We do. On any given month, we are responsible for up to 30 blogs. This does not include additional pieces of content.  And each one  must be unique and informational. Each must also reflect perspective and be entertaining. On occasion they are also ‘off topic’ and/or humorous because we all enjoy a break every now and then.

Do you need to revise your calendar?

We are always looking for ways to make our calendar efforts more efficient. It reduces brain fog and makes better use of our time.

According to Nathan Ellering, a self-described blogging and strategy nerd who is also cofounder of CoSchedule, it’s important to keep your calendar techniques current. It’s the best way to provide meaningful content that drives interest (traffic) to your website, store, etc.

In his blog that appeared on Convince & Concert, he asked: “So what are you actually missing in your editorial calendar to make it the best?”

If you answer nothing, then please read on… just to make sure you’re right.

Among the suggestions he made we found these to be most important:

  • Consolidate all of your editorial calendars into one that includes blog content, advertising and social media posts.
  • Share your content on social networks. Find out what publishing frequency is appropriate for each site. It’s important to know which of those, such as Twitter, can handle multiple postings.
  • Share your content again at a later date. Follow the metrics to determine when it’s time to reshare or to stop sharing.

To read  Ellering’s complete article, click here.

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