Email Openers

Need Email Openers?

How many of your emails get read?

Studies show that many emails remain unopened because their subject lines are not engaging enough.

In today’s world where most people only want to spend a nanosecond on emails, an email’s topic is like a ‘first glance’. If people like what they may choose to open the email and read more.

So be careful, thoughtful and truthful when selecting those words or phrases.

What Not To Do

Business expert Barry Moltz recently put together a list of 10 email titles to never use. Here are our four favorite ones:

  • (Your Company) Weekly Newsletter. Yuck! No one wants to read another long and boring newsletter. Instead use: Pick one particular topic from the newsletter and ask a thought provoking question around it that shows the company’s expertise.
We couldn’t agree more. We keep our client newsletter titles pithy, short, and compelling. And we like the process of playing with words to see which ones best capture each newsletter’s tone.
  • URGENT! This is too much like the boy that cried wolf and unless it’s really pertinent and urgent, it will get deleted every time. Instead use: “Response needed by (date).”
In our experience, URGENT! suggests a desperation-lined scam which often turns people off. The idea of referencing a deadline for response is straight forward and respectful.
  • Grammatical Errors. There is nothing that signals poor business and a lack of professionalism than grammar mistakes. Instead use: Spell check and reread each email out loud before sending.
There’s a general rule of thumb that grammatical errors are usually one of the easiest ways to determine whether or not an email is professional/legitimate. We all know by now that such errors also serve as flags for fraudulent (scam) activity. 

Click here to read Moltz’s list.

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