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3 Crazy Public Relations Campaigns

To truly generate results and expand your businesses reach sometimes you need to think outside the box. Focusing on bigger concepts, outreach and relationship-building techniques are just a few pieces of a successful public relations campaign puzzle. Here are three examples of completely outrageous public relations strategies we found on Stratabeat that worked really well.

150 Yellow Sheep for the Tour de France

While an estimated 77% of United Kingdom shoppers watched this year’s Tour de France, it was the sheep who stole the show! During the first stage of the race, 150 dyed yellow sheep dotted the landscape. Although yellow was chosen to honor the color of the jersey worn by the race’s leader, the presence of the sheep quickly evolved into a social media frenzy. On a humorous note, no animals were harmed during the entirety of the campaign. The wool was later made into sweaters that were given to families in need.

Tinder’s “Adopt a Dog” Campaign

Tinder is one of the hottest dating applications out right now. Records suggests that it has an estimated 10 million+ active daily users. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), more than 2,500 matched have been made through “Adopt a Dog.”  Engaging the public allowed them to help provide furry friends with a safe home. It also decreased the number of animals that are sent to animal shelters.

Intuit’s Small Business Big Game Competition

The developer of QuickBooks, Intuit, recently struck gold for itself and an up-and-coming company through its Small Business Big Game Competition. The winner of this competition was GoldieBlox, a small company that produced award-winning construction toys for girls. The prize was a $4 million ad during the Super Bowl that aired before a viewing audience that exceeded 100 million people. This campaign empowered both Intuit and the younger business that shared its unique story. The community engagement included letting the public decide which small company would be the winner.

There are more successful and maybe even crazier public relations campaigns out there. To read about a few more click here.

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