Newsworthy Buzz

Make the Buzz Newsworthy

How much do you know about generating newsworthy buzz? Today’s public relations efforts must be both swift and compelling. How else will they stand out in the crowd of rapidly rotating news messages that have exceedingly short shelf lives (much like the bees that we used to associate the notion of buzz with)?

Let’s face it, the competition has gotten stiff. Stiffer for social media where visuals are convenient to share (re-post). These easy to absorb graphics and sound byte taglines (ex: For everyone who wants to be happy….) literally take only a second to send to your followers and they to theirs.  So, your effort has got to be smart. There is little room for complicated messages and even less for wordy, not-to-the-point news.

Here are a few examples that illustrate this:

Pinterest became the ‘hot spot’ for clothing retailer J.Crew. The next season’s collection appeared exclusively on its Pinterest page before they appeared on the company’s website and in their catalog. This produced a ‘sneak preview” that appealed to more than 50,000 followers. By the way, those followers included fashion bloggers.
Announcements about music award video nominees has found a home on Instagram, piquing the curiosity of those most likely to respond by reposting not only on Instragram but also on Twitter and Facebook.

Response Ready?

While it’s critical to know where your audience is and how to give them something worth engaging with, you’ve also got to be ready for the responses. Got enough product? Can you deliver as promised in a timely fashion? Are you actively seeking feedback and reviews that could further bolster your message?
And, don’t forget the media! Give them exclusive options BEFORE your news goes public. Let them help you spread the word. To do that, know which media platforms are best suited to what you offer. 

Cultivate conversations so that there already is a relationship. Yes, this takes time, but remember the media, just like followers, don’t want a steady pitch stream. These influencers know when they are being sold to and they know when they come across news that will interest their readers and viewers.

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