Compelling Email Subjects

Email Subject Lines that Add Umph

May 13, 2013
First impressions matter, right? That’s why the subject line of your next email needs to be compelling, effective and professional in as few words as possible. Not only does it instantly introduce your news pitch, it helps your message stand out in a sea of emails.
Because space is limited, you’ve got to be pretty clever. You need to alert the media to the when and why of your news pitch and you’ve got to show them how your event or news is something of interest to their audiences.
By the way, the more unique the subject line, the more likely it will be remembered and that means it will be easier to find again. Effective yet simple introductions are ideal because media sorting through literally hundreds of emails a day will sort them according to the information presented on the subject line.
Have fun with your subject lines. Use symbols if they make sense. Experiment with capital letters and more. I like to play with mathematical symbols to make a pitch add up. Here are a few examples:
Renaissance + Sebastopol September = Annual Family Faire
Japanese ancestors’ dance > typical Sonoma County ho’down
Gypsy Kisses + Italian Stories = Petaluma on the Riveria 1 July night
A word of advice: the subject line should not be provocative for the sake of just being provocative and it shouldn’t be so far removed from the actual content of the email that you leave the one reading it with a sense of ‘switch and bait.’
Remember, the idea is to make others want to open your emails and help you make news.

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