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 June 27, 2013 

You know those days where you feel like you just spent all of your money on bills (probably because you did), the sky is falling, your car breaks down coincidentally when your child needs a ride to soccer practice so they throw a tantrum that unleashes the Titans and naturally, to cure it all, you try eating mass amounts of chocolate but not even that works? Moral of the story: You’ll. Never. Win. Curve balls and the unexpected are inherent in public relations; maybe without the Hollywood dramatics, but there is always something new coming around the corner – at times more than one new challenge or opportunity that wasn’t scheduled.

Most people can relate to that. We’ve learned that the best way to get through the short-term chaos that can ensue is to find ways to laugh at ourselves. Recently we came across a video that made all of us chuckle-because it’s true! 

And for those times when we want to laugh at public relations in general, we discovered this great video. Because, after all, public relations can mean different things to different people, right? 
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