Google's Toddler

Google+ is Growing Up!

July 1, 2013

Like many others I was skeptical when I first heard about the Google+ launch two years ago. Another social media platform... really? How many can cyberspace take before it folds in on itself beneath the weight of rapidly exploding and sometimes rapidly disasppearing social media wonders?

I admit I was reluctant to be a Google+ er. And I can say today that, for many reasons, I'm glad I became one.

I recently read a blog post by David Sobotta that let me know I was not alone, both in my doubts about and now in my confidence in Google+. 
He writes: 
"Like others, I keenly remember some initial disappointments... Two years later, though, Google+ and I seem to be finding new reasons to like each other."
He's right. The ease of use, the professional look, the contacts one can make through circles qualities of this youngster are making it one of the top social media platforms out there today.

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