To Have or Not Have Event Sponsors


Every project has a budget of time, treasure and talent. So when you've got to scale back where do you start?

I recently read an article that suggested that the first cuts should be in efforts to secure event sponsorships .Hmmm.... not sure I'd agree with that and here's why:
1)      Local businesses know the value of hyperlocal visiblity, especially in today's global world. Being linked up with the appropriate activities and causes can build up a customer base. People are more likely to buy local/shop local from service and goods providers who are community team players.
2)      A well-designed sponsorship campaign can provide opportunities for more than one sponsor. Each would receive exclusive opportunities that can include news value. Who doesn't want to read about a community hero or heroine?

That having been said, it is just as important to NOT serve up watered-down sponsorship alphabet soup (too many sponsors or ineffective pr platforms). Know what you've got to offer and plan out a  smart and cost-effective strategy that is a win-win for all.

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