The Little Guys

July 25, 2013

Do you know who your media audience is?  We all want to see our clients on CNN or featured in American Express Business Forum. Our clients want that, too. But sometimes that's impossible. Our news may not be "THE NEWS" these major outlets are looking for. The good news is that there are many other media outlets we can be "talking" to. According to Mickie Kennedy, founder of eReleases, we ought not to forget the little guys.

He writes: Look, it’s good to dream big. But this is just unrealistic. If you only concentrate on the big outlets you run the (huge) risk of never getting picked up. Sure, CNN has a lot more time to cover a news story as they run 24 hours a day, but they still have limited space. When it comes down to it, your little business story might not be suited for them.
This is why it’s important to remember the “little guys” when it’s time to promote your new venture. There are a ton of opportunities you could miss out on otherwise.
He goes on to remind his readers that For every Atlanta Journal Constitution there is the suburban Marietta Daily Journal or even the alternative press Creative Loafing magazine. Each has their own readership and their own unique voice, just like your customers.

This is so true. Especially when you consider that many of the little guys work are all about local news, local community which can produce immediate and tangible results. And, sometimes, the big guys do pick-up the little guys' work.

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