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Biscotti Bliss: A Good News Story

July 20, 2013
Who doesn't love a good story? At Karen Pierce Gonzalez Public Relations that's what we're all about. Our clients, too. Shedding media light on the good work of others, we have found, begets more good work.

Today we'd like to tell you about good news that was shared with us. CNN's American Journey posted a story about a woman for whom the housing market crash of 2008 made her life literally sweeter.

"Helping families build homes was a job that Jessica Vu excelled at. As a sales consultant in Bellbrook, Ohio, she walked people through buying homes, selecting floor plans and customizing everything from doors and windows to counters.....
As the ripple effects of the recession continue, with monthly unemployment claims up in July, people like Vu are seeking alternatives to traditional office jobs and gambling on their passions .
For Vu, that meant learning how to transform her childhood zeal for baking into profits."
She was able to connect with others because she shared her passion and that excitement about being alive and being a participating member of her community is what others responded to.

To read more about this biscotti queen, visit CNN. To learn more about our clients, visit KPGPR.
Have a story of your own to share? Share it with CNN iReport.

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