Social Media Laughs

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become very popular ways for people to interact with their favorite (and not so favorite) celebrities, athletes, companies, and basically anyone who did something cool and made a lot of money from it. Social media has also become a huge outlet for famous people and businesses to promote themselves good PR. However, when a PR campaign goes bad, a social media sites such as Twitter, could be your worst enemy. Here’s a list of some of the funniest PR-related parody twitters and tweets that we have come across:

1) British Petroleum (BP) Public Relations. These tweets pokes fun at the blatantly stupid effort the marketing team exerted to minimize the damage of a very large and devastating  oil spill:

“BP never used false numbers to downplay the severity of the spill. Also, it happened like 100 years ago, get over it.
“ATTN Smokers: Do you love messing with carcinogens, but you hate the taste? Eat gulf shrimp! #bpcares

2) Death Star PR. These tweets are filled with Star Wars humor. While not a real “PR” account for a “real” person, it provides a bit of comic relief:

“Come to the Dark Side: we have all the double chocolate chip cookies you can eat and you get to burn calories killing Jedi.”
“Hard to believe Obi-Wan couldn't find 5 spare seconds to cover the whole "Vader is your dad and Leia is your sister" thing. #Jerk

3) Monti Te’o. Courtesy of Heavy, has some humorous parody tweets from the football player's infamously made-up girlfriend. His “honest twitter account” is accepting responsibility for the hoax and owning up to the embarrassing results of his efforts:

“Hey even if my draft prospects drop, we all know my girlfriend is going to be the #1 pick of next year's fantasy draft.”
“AJ McCarron's girlfriend will be featured in SI Swimsuit Edition, while my girlfriend will be featured on Mythbusters.”

Social media sites can become challenging, even cruel platforms, for the wrong pr turns of famous people and organizations. Even so, we have to admit, that these faltering pr steps have given us a good laugh from time to time as well as moments of gratitude that we haven't made those mistakes ourselves.

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