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August 26, 2013

Blogs and their bloggers are definitely an important part of today's media outreach. If you don't have at least a handful of bloggers to pitch, then you're missing out on some great visibility.

In promoting a two-day early Fall event I pitched to a host of travel blog writers, some of whom jumped at the opportunity to explore what my client has to offer. Others, unable to be available, expressed gratitude for having beein informed and wished us well. That's great because most likely they will remember us when we come back with next year's itinerary.

Bloggers have a unique opportunity to express themselves to their readers and that personal touch can make all the difference.  

According to Kristen Matthews, Group High's Marketing and Community Manager, blogger outreach can make all the difference. In 4 Keys to BloggerOutreach she shares with readers (including us) an example of a really good campaign launched by Wendy's. Making meaningful contact with bloggers in their demographics (in this case, moms and style bloggers) and had resounding success.

She writes: “The campaign goal was to spread the word that Wendy’s Frosty now comes in a waffle cone. Simple. To the point. Exciting. Instead of buying ads and sending out mailers, they were quite creative in their approach.

Their marketing team sponsored mom and style bloggers to go try the new Frosty in a cone concoction. They then were tasked to write a post about a nostalgic memory that the Frosty evoked and include photos of themselves and children when applicable eating said Frosty in a cone.

Because Wendy’s isn’t a client of mine, I can’t speak of the results but I’d go as far as to bet my next pay check that the campaign got many new families through their doors and drive-through windows. You can check out a short blurb and links to some of their blogger’s posts here.”

I agree with her that it's important to have a plan that is creative (different/compelling). In this case it was nostalgia. Also, keep the visuals alive so people can 'resonate' with others actively interested in what you have to offer.  

And, of course, make sure your bloggers – just like reporters – have relevant and accurate information that they can base their blogs upon. 

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