3 Tips for PR Newbies

Good News for PR Newbies! 
September 4, 2013
For most college students, the thought of joining the “adult world” is scary. Shoot! It’s still a scary thought for people who have been in the workforce for over 10 years! As our economy is slowly bouncing back from the 2008 recession, a greater number of people shifting from one job to the next in an attempt to stay current with the needs of modern society. One field that is expected to keep growing is public relations.

In a broader sense, it seems like any easy job field - even for those who can't explain what what they actually do in public relations. However, there are career-specific qualities that one must have to succeed in the public relations field. The PR Daily listed “14 essentials for PR newbies” and we’ve picked 3 that we think are extremely important:

Network. As a “newbie” it’s vital to your career that you do most of the work yourself. This includes gathering your own clients, and getting to know people who could essentially help you with connections in the future. When people know who you are, and know that your work is valuable, your success will rise at a much greater speed than that of someone who sits back and performs the tasks given to them.

Look for a career, not a job. When you’re looking for a career, you are far more passionate about your work then if you are simply doing a job. Those who care about their work, will put more time and effort into their tasks and will become more successful than those who are producing work with no personal value.

Know your clients. Study and know your clients (from personal attributes to the industry that their business resides in). When you understand how your clients work and who they’re working against, you can better promote them and/or their product to the public. This will increase sales, make them happier, and ultimately make you happier.

There are many other important attributes that one must have to be a public relations specialist. At Karen Pierce Gonzalez Public Relations, our work environment includes opportunities for PR “newbies” to develop theirs skills.

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