What's In A Winning Attitude?

Sept. 23, 2013

Be a Winner with Attitude

We've all heard it said that attitude is everything. Decisions about whether or not the proverbial cup is either half-empty or half-full are ours to make. Nice. Right? Easy to agree with we are in the flow; when our lives and the lives of our clients' campaigns are going along at a perfect pace. But what happens when life suddenly takes a turn for the worst, when everything becomes far – very, very far – from perfect?
I recently read on Extra Happiness (Nyomi Graef) that addresses that very question. She points out that inspirational people get through really tough times because they have resilience, inner strength and a positive spirit.  She cites several examples, including Leon Leyson a Krakow concentration camp survivor who became the youngest worker hired German  industrialist Schindler (Schlinder's List) during the Holocaust.  In 1949 he moved to America and served in the US Army (Korean War) before earning a master’s degree in education. He taught  industrial arts for 39 years before retiring and became a public speaker who learned to not live in the shadows of the horror he experienced in Germany.
Graef goes on to suggest that survivors – those who overcome and even triumph over extraordinary life-altering circumstances – share certain traits. These include:

·      Not dwelling on the past

·      Focusing on helping others in need

·      Have meaningful goals in life

·      Have positive reasons to live

I think these traits make perfect sense. Others are also mentioned in her Inspirational People blog post.  I  can certainly see many of these traits in the organizations and individuals I work with. All in all, attitude can make one a winner or a loser, and while some of these traits might be genetic, others can be learned. Definitely worth the effort, don't you think?

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