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 What Do Your Blogs Say About You?

Blogs are the ideal place to express yourself so that others know who you are what you think. So, go ahead and start posting your thoughts and feelings about your services, right?

Wrong. It is important to be able to refer to your expertise and experience – even your services and products - because that could be the basis for your position on or about anything. But there is a very fine line between that and self-promotion.

Most readers want something more. Will your blog (you) be beneficial to them? Do you  offer insights?  Did you remember that others have perspectives of their own?

Here are some suggested blog tips:

  • Write about industry trends and pioneers.
  • Provide useful industry resources.
  • Share industry-related humor. We all love to laugh. 
This type of information, which will encourage others to share your posts, is the best way to gain their respect.

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