Are They Really Gone?

Social Media Accounts Live On

Your social media accounts (i.e. Facebook) can exist long after you are gone.  Most people don’t think about this. So, they don’t include instructions in wills or living trusts about what to do with their social media platforms: whether to keep or close them and where to access online passwords and accounts. This could result in leaving behind numerous online accounts that heirs would have to manage without knowing your wishes about it. This can be avoided. Here are two ways you can manage your digital afterlife:

·      Create a list.
Most of us have multiple social media accounts with different user names and passwords. Making a secure document that includes account login and access information can be a valuable resource for those handling your affairs.

·      Read the fine print.
Many social media websites include a Terms of Service (TOS) page that details what happens to the account after your death. Some social media websites such as Facebook have added a feature that allows family members to share memories on the deceased’s TimeLine. This service along with deactivation of the account can be requested once the website receives proof of a death.

It appears that even when you’re gone, your social media accounts live on. Knowing what future you want these accounts to have matters. To learn more, visit


  1. Wow Karen, I never really thought about where my social media accounts would go after I go to Glory.. very interesting. As I always considered that my daughters would get them.. as they are an asset in these parts, due to me being a Social Media Marketer. Yet, let's be honest.. that is even MORE reason for me to make sure my T's are crossed and my I's are dotted. Thank you so much for this insight.. I see I have work to do.. keep smiling

  2. Shalonda, Most of us don't think about this until it's 'too late'. Glad this was helpful.