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Search engine optimization is a big part of how people will find you when they search the internet. Knowing what keywords are and how to insert them into your press release will determine whether or not your services, products and expertise appear as often as possible before your desired audience.

Keywords are words that are associated with a particular topic. This is especially important if you want your online hosted and well written press release to be seen. Here are a few tips to help you make decisions about how to use keywords:

Use keywords in a particular order.

Be sure that the keyword is the first word of a paragraph. This is what the search engine will see first. Again, remember to make sure that doing this doesn't affect the readability of the press release. It may take some practice to strike a balance between search engine needs and the needs of the one reading the press release.

Use keywords a certain number of times in the press release.

It is true that you can ask ten search engine experts about how many times to use a keyword and receive ten different answers. However, because it is important to use keywords a certain number of times in a press release, the general consensus is that two out of every 100 words in your press release should be keywords for the targeted audience. Be sure to not compromise the press release’s readability to achieve that goal.

Creating a press release with strong keywords can take time to master. The effort is well worth the results because you will attracting the attention of those who are already interested in news like yours.

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