How Many Words?

Blog Word Count

Blogs are a way to deliver your news to others via cyberspace. These readers are looking for concise and useful information in as few words as possible. So plan on presenting your event listing, new service, aha moment, success, etc. in about 300 words (more or less).

The most important thing to remember is that you are writing about something that others want to read. This means you will need to know what makes your news compelling. What is the ‘heartbeat’ of your message? That’s what people will respond to time and time again.

Don’t have enough words? Get creative. Provide links to valuable information that is related to the blog topic. For example, I wrote a blog about press release SEO and included links to several press release distribution sites.

Have fun, too. Are there some wacky, fun videos on the topic? Include them because we all love a good laugh.

Be care, though to avoid fluff content that just fills space. People glaze right over that while making note to themselves about the blog not having enough substance.

Simple is best. This is something I learned as a news journalist and to this day it remains one of the most important things I have learned about mass communication.

To help readers become repeat visitors, develop ways to link your blog content to other sources of information you have to offer. In this way you can keep them apprised of new blogs, etc.

I offer a free e-newsletter for guests to subscribe to. With it they get an exclusive bi-monthly free report as well as bi-weekly bits of PR that are easy to use.

Remember, a blog is not a book. Happy blogging!

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