Mobile/Social PR

PR  Fundamentals

With today’s technological advancements, much more PR work is done through mobile gadgets and social media.

Plan well

Any good public relations effort builds a connection with your audience – both short term and long term. Prepare a realistic budget for time and expenses that allows you to have a consistent presence.

Understand your audience’s needs

Find out what influences those you want to reach. What do they care about and why? Does your news support that? How does it help others?

Develop solid news angles

Public relations differ from advertising. You are delivering a message not making a sale. The ability to speak so that you will be heard is essential. And that always starts with a strong news angle. New dancing, for example, is not as compelling as new dancing shoes for those with two left feet.

Build ties with media and respond to requests and deadlines fast

Know how to respond to the media in a timely fashion. This is how you become a ‘source’ of information for them. You will be someone they call when they want professional comments, insights and tips.
For more information about becoming a source, read our PR Basics page.

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