Ezine & You?

Ezine Publisher? Why Not?

With the recent advancement in digital technology people are reading magazines online.  These electronic magazines (ezines) have made their claim to reputable fame and in some cases can provide more content than the print versions available on stands and by subscription.

Ezines can help you establish your company as a to-go source in your field. Relatively easy to create, they can offer your audience useful and new information – as long as the content is accurate, engaging and unique.  

Your ezine can be added to your website and shared on as many social media networks as possible. But before you do that you’ve got to make some decisions:

  • Do you want to design your own or use already existing formats? Plain text is simple and html allows for graphic options. Both are the more popular choices. But, what do your readers need? Think about ease of delivery (and opening) in email boxes.
  • How frequently will you publish it? Consistency is everything so think about what’s realistic for you. Weekly will have a greater impact than monthly because in today’s world of information overload, you will need to stay on the top of attention spans.

To be sure you can stay afloat even during the busiest of busy times, have several issues of articles ready to go at all times. You can also check out article writing services that can help you keep the content bin full.

In addition, develop a public relations’ strategy for your ezine.  Highlight feature content to encourage readers to keep coming back. Offer special, free reports that they can downloaded. These will help you build your ‘subscription’ base.

Here are some free resources to help you get started:

Template: Paperli.com and Mailchimp.com

Tips: Ezezine.com and Magazinelaunch.com

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