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As a professional, you know that you’ve got to work WITH the media you are pitching your news to. Besides respecting deadlines, you’ve got to give them the information in a straight forward manner; no dissertations, right?

Here are three more tips I came across at Small Biz Trends website. Writer Joshua Sophy had a list of 13. The following are among my favorite:

Provide Interesting Data, Tips, Facts

Pitches with unusual facts or a numbered list of helpful tips help the writer come up with an interesting story angle, says Eldridge.

In the news business, timeliness is critical, our experts agree. Getting your message out at the right time — and giving reporters time to prepare — will increase the likelihood your public relations pitch will be heard above others.

Connect Socially
Channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus can help you build relationships with local and national journalists and editors simply by replying to a tweet or status update. Having a journalist recognize your name can be a major advantage in getting your pitch chosen over another, says Eldridge.
Share their content with industry peers on social media or reference articles in a blog post. This shows that you share an interest in similar topics and that you are familiar with the journalist’s work.

Maintain the Relationship

The relationship doesn’t stop after you’ve had your news covered. How a brand interacts with journalists or media outlets after a story is reported could help or hurt future outreach just as much as the initial pitch does. A short email thanking the journalist is courteous, as is sharing their post (and other posts) on your social media channels, says Eldridge.

To read the full article, click here. Interested in pitching to ezines?

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