TV transforms Media

Media History Timeline III

By the mid 1950’s media was on a roll like no one could have imagined. Campaign ads, network news, the Public Broadcasting Act and, of course the indomitable internet make their presence felt around the world.

Here’s a list of some of the ways media started to show up in our everyday lives:

1952 – Eisenhower runs 20-second campaign spot

1953 – TV Guide magazine debuts; Lucille Ball and her newborn son on first cover

1963 – Network news expands from 15 minutes to 30 minutes

1965-1970s – Second “New Journalism” period; literary journalism; underground newspapers

1967 – Congress passes Public Broadcasting Act; PBS formed

Late 1960s – Internet formed for exchange of ideas, not available to general public

1972 – Ms. magazine launched

1972 – Cigarette advertising banned from TV

1975 – Home Box Office (formed by Time, Inc. in 1972) begins satellite distribution of TV; Ted Turner starts first “superstation”

1981 – MTV (Music Television) first airs; first video is “Video Killed the Radio Star”

1982 – USA Today begins publication

1982 – Home shopping network debuts

1983 – Sony introduces CD player

1990s – Internet access opened to general public; changes everything


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Thank you University of Idaho for this list these items came from.

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