Boston Tea Party PR

Boston Tea Party: A Public Relations Event?

Last week’s blog post about media pseudo events explored the basic tenets behind promotion-related activities designed to get media attention.

This post looks more closely at one event in particular: The Boston Tea Party.

British Americans opposed to the Tea Act of 1773 which levied heavy taxes upon the colonists who felt they had no parliamentary representation. They felt that only elected representatives could pass tax increases. 

To demonstrate – or protest publicly – the “Sons of Liberty” destroyed an entire shipment of East India Company tea in the Boston Harbor.  Similar protests took place in three other colonies.
The British Government responded via the Coercive Act in 1774 by putting a halt to Boston business.  Unfortunately, it only fueled the colonists to revolt.

The Boston Tea Party was a politically motivated media event. The goal was to show colonist determination to be self-governed.  Participants ‘promoted’ their efforts by singing about the protest in the streets and the government posted public notices denouncing them around town.

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