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Email Campaigns That Work

Got Email? Almost everyone does these days. This instant message option of communication can be an easy way to reach individuals to let them know about your services, events and experience. But before you hit that send button take some time to understand how to best use email for promotional purposes. 

Or else you run the risk of either turning people off or losing your message to the spam/junk folder. And maybe sometimes both! 

“Emails are meant to engage, excite or inspire your current and potential clients but can have the opposite effect …” wrote Bethany Howell, insight 180 art director. 

She recently wrote “7 Tips For A More Effective Email Campaign.” While she made many good points, these are the two guidelines that we have found most useful:

Be honest and accurate. The one who receives your email will react unfavorably to having been misled.  Don’t fail to deliver on the promise of your subject line.

Don’t’ waste anyone’s time with unimportant emails. Know what it is you want to say and then develop a way to concisely say it. Avoid packing the email. Most people don’t have time to wade through excess. 

Howell’s other tips are also worth checking out. To read her complete article, click here

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