Pinterest Matters

Pinterest Matters  

Fast rising in popularity Pinterest is an effective way to gain followers who are not only interested in your message but are also able to pass it on to countless others.

It’s important to remember that Pinterest people like to “see” what others are up to. They also want content that meets their needs and interests.  And, of course, this means they will need to scroll through your boards in order to find out what’s new. 

Sounds reasonable, yes, but…

Many Pinners just like to ‘like’ the info on your Pinterest boards. Some might pin to their boards and fewer will take the time to leave comments.

So, if you want the engagement, you’re going to have to work for it.

According to a recent Business2Businessness article, there are six key Pinterest mistakes to avoid. Here are a few of them:

·       It is possible to pin too much. And you’ve got to watch this because it’s really easy to pin away. But too many pins in a short period of time could annoy your fellow pinners who want to quickly surf their updates (but have to sludge through your countless new board pins).  A secret pin board that gets published after you have added may pins to it could be a good solution.

·       Your Pinterest bio matters. As with other social media network sites, this is where you get to tell others about yourself and your services/products. This creates a transparency that takes the mystery out of who you are and what you have to offer. Plus the information can build bridges of commonality that can cement the relationships.

People use Pinterest because they like it. It allows for easy intake of information and, along the way, spreads the word about what is important.  Take some time becoming familiar with how it works so that it can work for you!

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