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Even off the air, David Letterman (CBS Late Night With David Letterman) still continues to have a presence. According to a PR NEWS blog, he’s been a public relations inspiration.
“Whether introducing America to “Stupid Pet Tricks,” swimming in a large vat of breakfast cereal or having Larry “Bud” Melman promote Toast-on-a-stick (“Bread’s answer to the popsicle!”), Letterman is a testament to original content” wrote Matthew Schwartz who added that there was much public relations professionals could learn from this media icon.
Here’s what I learned from reading the blog:
Make the conversation about your news an art not a sales pitch or plea. Let the conversation - the news - be informative, educational and entertaining (meaningful).
(Note to self and others: Okay, we didn’t learn from this one. It’s already at the heart of the work we do here at Karen Pierce Gonzalez Public Relations.)
Be real, be human. This is what people will resonate with. Individual quirks and attributes are an asset when appropriately brought into the conversation. For example: someone afraid of heights go to great ‘heights’ to make a point or deliver a message…
Be compelling even if it is uncomfortable. Who doesn’t’ love the unusual, the unexpected, the surprise approach? We are blasted everyday (every minute) with opportunities to look at this, look at that. Whatever gets our attention is what we remember. So grabbing that span of a few moments with strategies and techniques that are both tasteful and out of the box will help your news stand out.
Schwartz also identified several other public relations lessons. To read the complete article, click here.  
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