Funny Headlines

News Pitches Gone Awry

Amidst taut deadlines, chaotic news currents, and keeping up with social media trends, we public relations professionals are often too busy to come up for air. So when we have the chance to do so we owe it to ourselves to take in the scenery, right?

Andi f we can squeeze a few laughs into the mix all the better.
To help make that happen, we’ve collected some headlines that we think are funny. Especially because we didn't pitch the stories and we didn't write the headlines.

And speaking of the media, this should make those of us who once were on the other side of the news desk laugh a little louder.

How could this have happened?

Civil war planes. Really?

Quarter-million dollar ad campaign promotes deficit?

We're glad you don't have to explain any of these to our clients.

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