Creative Press Releases

Press Releases Get Creative

Some public relations professional suggest that the press release has become outdated. While it’s true that “Media Advisory” announcements thаt once flooded news room fax machines may be a thing of the past, consider news angles pitches are still here… and most likely here to stay.

What’s changed is the delivery of your news. Thanks to the digital world where you may have only a few moments to catch the attention AND interest of media personnel, you’ll need to make sure your pitch is rapid fire quick and effective.

   No small feat… Especially now that your pitches have been transformed into stories that can create context as well as human connection. 

   Here are some of the ways your ‘story’ can reach others directly or indirectly (via media outlets):  
    Short Videos: the digital world is becoming visual. People want to ‘see’ rather than ‘read’ with the time they have available.  
    Brief Podcasts: Succinctly tell the story and how it is applicable to the audience you want to reach.  
   Value Added Blogs: Well-written and entertaining blog posts (and articles) offer insights and opportunities for more in-depth communications.

All of the above can actually become ‘out of the box’ press releases. You can even use them all to deliver your point. But notice, that they are still serving the function of a press release: announcing your news. 

We think press releases – in whatever form they take – are here to stay.

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