Keep Entertained

While Traveling

Okay, it’s winter and for most of us (Northern Hemisphere folks) that usually means cold and blustery weather. Not the ideal conditions for travel; especially if your movement from one place to the next requires airports and airplanes. We all know that could mean delayed flights and delayed flights mean you are in airports or on airplanes longer than expected.

When that happens, what do you do to keep yourself occupied since you really can’t do anything else?

According to Hub Spot’s Lindsay Kolowich there are things you can do to fight off the boredom and maybe even enjoy yourself when travel plans – professional or personal - have run amuck. Her suggestions are electronically based and require smartphone, laptop, Kindle Reader, or computer. Some of our favorites include:

NextDraft: This newsletter summarizes news stories in a way that keeps them both witty and relevant. In short, this free app can help keep you in the know.

Headspace: Self-described as a “gym membership for your mind” it helps you practice mindfulness and get into your meditational zone. And, yes, it’s another free app.


Freakonomcis delivers content that is worth thinking about. Food for the mind, this podcast explores unusual as well as usual issues, such as how to win a Nobel Prize. The key is that the conversations and discussions center on the economic perspectives of both professional and personal concerns.


Contagious: Why Things Catch On: This Kindle book, written by Jonah Berger, explores why and how some ideas catch and others don’t. Some experts say it’s a must read for marketers who want to better understand how online content goes viral and what makes rumors infectious?

Some of these are idea for travel or travel delays of less than an hour. Others can help you navigate the passage of time for more than two hours. We suggest you check them out before you head out the door so you’ll have already downloaded appropriate apps. Or, you can use the travel time to pursue all of them. At your leisure of course!

To read Kolowich’s entire list, click here.

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