Three Clients

Meet Three Clients   


Every now and then we like to give our clients a shout out!

We enjoy promoting their projects for a variety of reasons:

  1. What they do in the world really is a service to others, locally, regionally, and nationally.
  2. They love what they do and that’s contagious.

This thumbnail list of recent blogs will give you an idea of the professional expertise they bring to their work with others.

FolkHeart Press

Provides publishing opportunities for folklore related materials.

The Kerala Thrissur Pooram is a religious and cultural festival of festivals. It is celebrated in temples and is scheduled according to the Malayalam Calendar, a solar Hindu calendar that dates back to 825 CE. This year, according to the Gregorian calendar it will take place April 17.

Fred Young Funeral Home

A full scale funeral home with two offices located in northern Sonoma County (Cloverdale and Healdsburg)

Cryonics which comes from the Greek κρύος 'kryos-' meaning 'cold', is the low-temperature preservation of people – and sometimes animals - who cannot be sustained by contemporary medicine. The basic idea is to keep the body physically ‘alive’ until such time that future medical advances can allow for restoration to full health.

Santa Rosa Mortuary 

This full service Sonoma County funeral home offers three convenient locations: two in Santa Rosa, and one in Rohnert Park.

The Romani – often referred to as Gypsies – are a nomadic people who have lived on the outskirts of many of Europe’s larger communities for centuries. As a result they have long been associated with the ‘natural world’; it is believed that they understood how nature works because they have forged a special relationship with it. This bond includes acceptance of death.


While reading the blogs you may want to also check out their websites to find out what else they are up to!

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