Two More Clients

We’ve got two more clients to tell you about!  

It is really a pleasure to share with you what our clients are up to. Last week we introduced you to three of our clients: Folkheart Press, Fred Young Funeral Home and Santa Rosa Mortuary.

This week we’ve got two more to tell you about.

Three Months:

Author J. Dietrich Stroeh’s wrote several books about his experience as a family caregiver; it was a role he had not anticipated. Three Months: A Caregiving Journey from Heartbreak to Healing includes his personal journey through grief and loss as well a wide range of useful tips and resources.  Other books include “Caregiving Isn’t Magic: It’s An Art”

Tax Relief for Caregivers

Looks like America is finally coming up to speed about the reality most family caregivers face.

Simply put, that reality has to do with the financial burden those caring and courageous individuals are carrying while they try to provide care to a loved one. Most of the time they aren’t paid and no one is reimbursing the out of pocket expenses they incur along the way.

It looks like this country is taking steps to rectify that.  The Credit for Caring Act, recently introduced in Congress would provide a federal tax credit of up to $3,000 to family caregivers who assist aging or disabled relatives.

Santa Rosa Memorial Park 

This cemetery celebrates 130 years of service to North San Francisco Bay Area families. They offer 36+ lawns, crypts and more in two locations (Santa Rosa and Windsor)

Abandoned Cemeteries

What happens when a cemetery is abandoned because no one who owns it?

This is the dilemma for Philadelphia’s historic Mount Moriah Cemetery. Incorporated in 1855, the original 54 acres was established by an act of the Pennsylvania Legislature.

It was among other elite Victorian cemeteries developed at the time with a rural theme that was quite popular. Landscaped to produce a park-like setting, it was what was called a garden cemetery.


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