What's Legal?


What's Legal?

We provide an invaluable service to our clients. We get them the visibility they deserve for the good work they do. And, when needed, we might also be able to help guide them through the potentially murky, troublesome waters that can surround issues of copyright, public domain, social media issues, and publishing rights.

But for that we’ve got to make sure we are informed about current laws – regional as well as national – that govern these concerns. When necessary, we’ve also got to steer our clients towards opportunities to become familiar with the ins and outs of what can and cannot be done legally.

It is true that having legal counsel is the best way to determine the legal parameters about whether or not to use a digital image, a quote or another’s social media content. However, there are also general information workshops, seminars and other online resources that may be able to provide a basic understanding about how to avoid and or address concerns about infringement.

In California (where we are located) the California Lawyers for the Arts offers a wide range of educational opportunities in various locations throughout the state. All of their non-profit offers are related to the creative arts and are available to members and non-members alike. 


  • Social Media Issues for Creative Entrepreneurs, May 16, San Francisco
  • How to Form a California Corporation for Your Creative Arts Business, May 24, San Diego
  • 7th Annual Literary Workshop: PART-1: A Legal Guide to Book Publishing, June 13, Sacramento

It is important to note that this organization also provides members low-cost legal consultations with lawyers who specialize in literary law, music law, digital art law and more.

We directed one of our author clients to meet with a literary attorney. They discussed his book and the legal advice included ways to amend select passages of the manuscript. They also hammered out a disclaimer (as this book offered tips and suggestions) to protect again legal issues that could arise.

While we are not promoting membership, we encourage you to explore what they have to offer. Not in California? It’s worth the research to find out if there’s an organization like this one in your state.

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