2016 PR Trends

                               2016 PR Trends and You

Do you know what's around the bend?

Every year starts off with great promise. It’s a chance to learn how to do something better or finding out what you need to add to your repertoire of professional skills.

We recently read an article by Gina Dietrich in Ragan’s PR Daily News that sums up some of the year’s anticipated trends.  Interesting to note that some of the trends are just good, common sense. Here’s a sampling:

Content as Product.  Bad content does more harm than good. So know how to present content that is worth the reader’s time.
Livestreaming. People want it all: sight AND sound. Think visuals like short live presentations and you’ve got the idea. This approach is rapidly gaining steam.
Semantic Search. The accuracy of searching via semantics enhances your capacity to deliver content to a larger audience based. The idea is based upon concept rather than exact key words and, according to some public relations experts, provides greater context as well as a more meaningful experience for the reader.

 If you aren’t sure about how to implement these trends and others, such as social media metrics, then think about working with experts who can walk you through the ropes. It’s well worth the investment because if you’re going to do any of them, you ought to do them well. Your clients and your audience both deserve that.

Yes, there are more trend predictions for 2016. To read the entire list that Dietrich has put together, click here.  

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