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Does your workspace- whether in a commercial office or home – work for you?

It doesn’t for most people…. Unless something is done to the space to make it a good place for you to spend a great deal of time in.


The most common concern is availability of clean, moving air. Stagnant rooms that offer only ceiling light and no way to get an air flow going could drag down your enthusiasm and problem-solving skills. Fresh air is important.

If needed, get a small office air filter to help circulate (and clean) the air. In some cases a simple desk model will do the trick.

Go Green

You can also ‘green’ your workspace with plants. Even succulents which are hardy enough to be without attention during the weekend, add an element of well-being to an office. They help to oxygenate the air, as well.

Try to have easy access to fresh drinking water. Can be in a jug, a thermos, or water bottle nearby. Hydration is important, especially if you are under the stress of deadlines.

Shake it Up

Move around. Sitting at a desk all day in front of a computer may not be healthy for you. It isn’t for most people. Get up and get away from the computer screen every hour if possible. Stretch your arms, twist at the waist and rotate your wrists and ankles. These simple body movements can help you ‘get out of your head’ and remember there’s more to you and your life than finishing that project.

Listening Lunch

Eat lunch somewhere else. Not at the desk while trying to type out the final paragraph of a press release. It’s a perfect time to get outside and let your eyes adjust to a different scene. Look up at the sky and/or at the horizon to stretch your eye muscles. Enjoy the break. Make it a listening one; try to identify all of the sounds you hear around you.

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