Loveable Social Media

Is Social Media Loveable? 

The ol’ saying, love what you do is exactly why social media experts do social media. They love it! And, according to them, there are plenty of reasons to love the cyberspace world. PR Daily posted eight reasons for that a while ago and we think they are still relevant today.

Here are four of them:
1. Social media does not exist in a vacuum. Integrated media is the key here. It would be naïve to think that the efforts of a social media campaign or traditional media campaign operate successfully without each other in this era.
2. Social media” may not be new, but thanks to growing public access to the Internet it is changing the way people interact and it is changing marketing. The quality of a brand’s social media presence can make or break its success.
3. Social media is a really important problem-solving, action-starting tool to have in your belt. It can change the way your consumers feel about your product or service and is one of the best ways available to connect with potential consumers and alter their opinions about your brand. It can also play a vital role in crisis communications if executed properly.
4. Social media is not for everybody. However, in the right hands it is powerful. You would be doing yourself a disservice not to carefully consider using social media as a marketing tool.

One thing is for sure about social media: it continues to be alive and ever-changing. Never a dull moment, really. Admittedly, it requires the ability to adapt quickly to the rise (and sometimes fall) of social media platforms. But, after all, most people believe that is what’s most thrilling about it. Would you agree?

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